Some simpull answers

Does Lewis Boxes manufacture Simpull boxes?

We don’t operate any manufacturing facilities ourselves. We licence the right to our Simpull patented opening system to exisiting cardboard manufacturers to produce the boxes.

Is the Simpull box customisable?

Yes. The Simpull patented opening system can be applied to almost any shape or size box requirement you have, from small boutique packaging up to removalist’s cartons.

Is the structural integrity of a Simpull box compromised?

No, the Simpull box has been independently tested and was found to have no difference in resistance against a downward crushing force when compared to a traditional box. This is due to the engineered size and radius of the arc shapes that disperse the force, much like an arch holds up a wall.

Will the Simpull box accidentally open in transit?

The perforations have been designed to only open with direct intentional force from the end user and not by accident in transit.

Can the Simpull openings be used as carry handles?

Yes. The end user will find lifting and carrying the Simpull box is made much easier with the weight of the box placed on the hands and therefore the biceps, rather than the much weaker muscles of the fingers. This reduces the risk of the box being dropped and damaging the contents. It also provides an ergonomically better close-to-body centre of gravity, reducing strain on the back and slippage due to off-balance loads. The tape can then be removed as per normal after the box is set down.

Are there additional steps in manufacturing the Simpull box?

No, there are no additional manufacturing steps. Our patented opening system is an engineered formation of perforations that is incorporated into the box die cut during the planning stage, whether for a small run custom die or large run roll die. The final boxes are delivered as normal.

Are there changes to the production line to use the Simpull box?

Depending on the production line and size of the box, some change may be required in the positioning of where the start of the tape is applied to the box, but otherwise there are no changes.

How does the Simpull opening system improve reusability?

The tape can be completely removed without permanently altering or damaging the box. The opening system is returned to its original position and new tape can be applied to seal close the box, whether it has been completely emptied of its contents or not. Returning empty boxes to the supplier for re-packing can create an almost closed-loop system, subject only to basic wear and tear.

How does the Simpull opening system improve recyclability?

The complete separation of the tape from the box leaves the cardboard "clean". Clean cardboard reduces the amount of energy and water required to separate materials at recycling centres, which reduces the box’s overall impact on the environment and can improve environmental credentials.