Some simpull answers

How does it work?

[Ikea-like diagram of opening steps]

Is the Simpull box customisable to my needs?

Yes. Our Simpull Box Opening System can be applied to almost any shape or size box requirement you have.

How do I obtain a customized design?

We can either licence the Simpull Opening System as is or work with you to customize it to your specific needs.

Does Simpull manufacture the boxes?

No. We licence the right to our patented Simpull Opening System to existing cardboard manufacturers on your request.

Will Simpull benefit my business?

Here are just two case studies:
1. Quick Service Restaurants purchasing product from food manufacturers who use Simpull will benefit from the improved efficiency and safety to their operations, as well as less foodstuffs being damaged and therefore resulting in improved profit margins.

2. Removal & Storage Companies will benefit from the extended life of their Simpull Boxes compared to ordinary packing boxes, meaning they are able to rent them out to more customers before they need to be replaced, resulting in a greater return on their investment.

Are there additional steps in manufacturing the Simpull box?

No, the only change is to the die cut itself, whether a small run custom die or a large run roll die. The final boxes are delivered as normal.

Are there changes to the production line to use the Simpull box?

Depending on the production line and size of the box, some change may be required in the positioning of where the start of the tape is applied to the box, but otherwise there are no changes.

How does the Simpull opening system improve reusability?

The tape can be completely removed without permanently altering or damaging the box. The opening system is returned to its original position and new tape can be applied. Returning the boxes for reuse can create an almost closed use system, subject only to basic wear and tear. 

How does the Simpull opening system improve recyclability?

The complete separation of the tape from the box leaves the cardboard "clean". Clean cardboard reduces the amount of energy and water required to separate materials at recycling centres, which reduces the box’s overall impact on the environment and can improve environmental credentials.