no knives

no damage

no delays


It’s a frustration we’ve all experienced. Trying to pick off the tape with our fingers or somehow bash the box open with our fist, before finally surrendering to the time consuming search for a knife or scissors or even a key. We’ve all had the same thought, "there’s gotta be a better way!”

So we set to work. We structurally analysed, we ergonomically engineered, we environmentally pondered, and we independently tested and after many prototypes we invented the opening system that’s just so... Simpull.

Watch 12 boxes in 12 seconds



It's easy to use and super quick. The Simpull opening system is an engineered formation of perforations that allows a taped up box to be opened with just one hand. By eliminating the need for a knife, the Simpull box:


• Allows instant access to the contents to save time and money • 

• Makes accidental damage to the contents near impossible •

• Removes the risk and cost of injury of the user •


Applicable to almost any size box and essential to getting more done, the Simpull opening system asks 'why hasn’t this been done before’.


Save time and money

No product wastage

No knife injuries



It’s like a magician’s sleight of hand. The Simpull opening system efficiently separates the tape from the cardboard in one clean move without damage. Combined with its independently tested structural integrity, the Simpull box:


• Significantly extends the reusable life of the box • 

• Lifts environmental ratings by improving its recyclability •

• Delivers its contents as safe and secure as a traditional box •


Remarkably simple to implement into existing production lines, the Simpull patented opening system effortlessly provides a better experience all round.


Extended reusability

Better recyclability

Safe and strong