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Measured Desire: A Simpull Story

20 February 2023

“Australia’s favourite” chocolate biscuit needs a solution for their shelf-ready packaging.

The current design relies on perforated sections to be slowly and carefully torn away by supermarket staff to reveal the product before placing on to the shelves. However, even with the best intentions, the staff often find that the perforations fail them, and by placing the box in a messy torn state directly onto the shelf, it lowers the perceived value of the product, and damages the integrity of both the product and the supermarket’s brands.

In many cases, the staff will then spend unnecessary additional time tidying up the rough edges to make the box functional and presentable, or often resort to just using a knife from the start and ignoring the perforations altogether. However, this can lead to knife injuries, damaged product and wasted time and money.

Torn & messy packaging: lower perceived value
Simpull Shelf-Ready: higher perceived value
A small change.

The solution is Simpull. Our patented Simpull opening system is a clever perforation formation applied to the end of a taped-up shelf-ready box that allows it to be opened without a knife, and with just one hand.

It’s quick and easy to open without tear-away sections and presents the box as intended - neat and tidy on the shelf.

Market testing has shown the small change over to Simpull Shelf-Ready will make a big impact on the chocolate biscuits with a 22% increase in perceived value of the product, benefiting both the supplier and supermarket.

The big impact.

So, let’s compare the numbers.

The chocolate biscuits are supplied to Australian supermarkets in boxes containing 12 packets, with each packet retailing for AUD $3.65 - that’s AUD $43.80 in total sales for each box.

Current messy shelf-ready: Average response: $2.51
Simpull Shelf-Ready: Average response: $3.06

A survey found the chocolate biscuits with the current messy shelf-ready packaging to be an average 18% lower perceived value than with Simpull Shelf-Ready.

A comparison of time taken to open a standard shelf-ready box versus our Simpull Shelf-Ready is based on starting and ending with the user’s hands on the box and assumes the user already has a knife handy in their pocket. The results show a standard shelf-ready box takes an average of 20 seconds to open compared to our Simpull Shelf-Ready at just one second.

Current messy shelf-ready

20 Seconds to open
Night fill rate of $23.00 per hour
= $0.128 per box

18% Lower Perceived Value
Avg 18% of $43.80 of product
= $7.884 lost value per box

Costs of Knife Injuries
Reduced efficiency
Reporting costs
Product wastage
= ?

Standard box usage cost:

  (per 100,000 boxes)

Simpull Shelf-Ready

1 Second to open
Night fill rate of $23.00 per hour
= $0.006 per box

Zero Missed Value
0% of $43.80 of product
= Zero lost value per box

No Knives
No downtime
No reduced efficiency
No reporting costs
No product wastage
= Zero

Simpull Box usage cost:

  (per 100,000 boxes)

As you can see from the numbers above, the potential savings are significant to say the least. Even without including other costs like wasted labour, product wastage or OH&S costs from knife injuries, the money saved could be well worth the switch to Simpull.

Are you a packaging manufacturer wanting better packaging options for your clients, or a producer looking to improve margins on your product? Order a license for our patented Simpull opening system today.